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From Every Watch $10 Is Donated To Unicef

We are Justin Road. 
Born in Melbourne, Justin Road is more than your typical minimalistic timepiece brand. We are a lifestyle brand delivering affordable timepieces to take you into the future.
Justin Road is inspired by practicality. Our watches were designed with you in mind. Stylish yet practical, each timepiece fits effortlessly into your wardrobe. Wearing a Justin Road timepiece feels so natural, as if it has always been part of your life. 
Justin Road is inspired by travel. Each timepiece is designed to be with you wherever life takes you. From the top of the Eiffel Tower, to the idyllic islands of Thailand; we know life is a journey, and we are humbled to be part of yours. 
Travel has always been apart of my life. My parents migrated from Africa in the 1990's and came to Australia with the vision of a better future. From humble beginnings, I have experienced some extraordinary moments through travel. Only when you step outside your immediate world do you realise the importance of seeing the world. This is why we have partnered with UNICEF, to give children a chance at a better future - as my parents did for me. 
Our partnership with UNICEF is our commitment to supporting and advocating  children's rights worldwide. When you purchase a Justin Road timepiece you are directly supporting UNICEF, with $10 of each watch sold going directly to those who need it most. $10 feeds five children for an entire day.

We look forward to walking this road with you. 
 Sahal Hassan 
Founder / Director